The guide of Lambda storage miner system

Part 1 Lambda miners pledge on the chain


  • If you have filled out the miner’s application form before, please use the previouse-mail address. If you have not applied, please use the new e-mail address
  • Your Ethereum wallet address filled in the system, which is very important. You need to use this address to complete the pledge and to complete bonus withdrawal. Please be sure to fill it out carefully.

2. Please carefully select the node mining pool you want to join before pledge. The node mining pool will be responsible for guiding your subsequent mining process. At present, the testing pledge does not support individual miners to participate in the test, and they must join a certain mining pool.

3. Click to join the mining pool

After selecting the node mining pool, the“Join Mining Pool”form will pop-up. Please fill out the information regarding the pledge on the form.

Here is the “Join Mining Pool”pop-up window form.

First of all, fill the certain amount of pledge data storage space and LAMB to transfer to the Lambda official storage pledge address via the Ethereum wallet address bound to the registered account based on the pledge space.

  • Current data storage pledge ratio is 3000 LAMB/TB
  • Please use the independent Ethereum address registered in the account, do not use the exchange’s wallet address.
  • Please transfer exact quantity of LAMB for pledge indicated by the system, otherwise the pledge will fail.
  • Lambda official storage pledge address: 0x2274E64274889Afc9A2EE8c838468178F3Ef7705

After the transfer is completed, you will get a transaction hash (Trading ID) on the wallet’s transfer page and fill this trading ID into the “Trading ID” form.

Finally, please ensure all information are correct after transfer, please click submit button to upload the form for pledge confirmation and the system will confirm your pledge as soon as possible.

(It is recommended that you submit the form after the pledge transfer is successful. It is recommended to use for status inquiry).

4. View the result of pledge

Click the page of “Mining Pool Details” as the node pool you joined to view your pledge history:

  • If it is “Confirmed”, it means that the pledge has been successful and your reward range will be displayed.
  • If your pledge cross multiple reward ranges, it will be split into multiple reward ranges which will be displayed based on actual conditions.

Part 2 The operation process of token balance on Lambda Miner System to Pledge

1. Open the page and log in to the account

2. The operation of Pledge operation

Open my homepage and there are four buttons under “Current Balance”. Please click the “Pledge” button.

3. After click the button of “Pledge”, a pop-up window will appear, please fill the information completely on the pop-up window

  • Current pledge ratio: Bonus currency: ERC 20 Token = 2:1

(Example: pledge 1T requires to pledge 2000 reward coins 1000 ERC 20 token)

Make sure that there is a sufficient amount of LAMB in the account for pledge. Once the information is completed, click “Submit”.

4. View the pledge history

Click the “Submit” button. After the successful pledge, check the pledge history at the “Total Pledge” below.

Part 3 The operation process of trading balance on Lambda Miner System

1. Open the page and click the “Log In” button at the top to log in.

2. Conducting a transaction

Go to my homepage and click on the transaction button under “Current Balance” to proceed with the transaction. When confirming the offline transaction, please make sure that funds are safe and complete online transfer.

After clicking the “Transaction” button, the transaction pop up window will appear, complete the information.

●When filling in the other party’s account, be sure to confirm that the other party’s email address is already registered in the system, not from the wallet or exchange address.

●In the process of using balance transaction, it is necessary to confirm that the same amount of money for corresponding LAMB transaction volume has been received from the other party. Providing trading channels only, trading system has no guarantee for offline transactions. Lambda team generally does not offer a token/coin recovery service,such as loss deposited tokens/coins、wPlease be sure to double check the confirmation to control risks.

●After the mainnet is launched, LAMB you trade will be directly reflected to the other party’s account on the mainnet and can be traded on the exchange.

Part 4 Check reward on Lambda Miner System

1. Reward Check

Log in to your account and view your reward history in the “Reward Details”

●The current Reward is calculated and distributed daily. For example, if you pledge today, the reward will be calculated and distributed tomorrow, and it will be distributed no later than 22:00~23:30 in Hongkong timezone (the specific time will be slightly different from the actual time)

Part 5 Lambda Reward Coins Withdrawal

1. Open the page and click the “Login” button at the top

2. The withdrawal function has launched

The cash withdrawal function is launched on the 23rd June. After logging in to the pledge system, users can click on the homepage at the top. Click the “Cash-out” button to withdraw the cash according to corresponding amount. After the withdrawal request is submitted, the cash will be released within one or two working days, you can go to the Ethereum wallet address by the pledge system to view reward history.

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