Lambda Weekly Report XIII

Dear Lambda Supporters:

In this Bi-Weekly report we will be sharing about our recent working on Lambda’s Testnet explorer, Lambda Chain, Lambda’s VRF Algorithm development and also about our recent marketing progress.

Lambda aim’s to build a disruptive Blockchain based storage solution that provides unlimited storage capabilities and a marketplace on top of the blockchain. What motivates us the most is your trust and support from the community.

  1. The Testnet Explorer of Lambda Chain is under development

The explorer’s features includes transfer transactions, miner mortgage, validator mortgage, transaction records storage and other information. It is currently under development and estimated to take 3 weeks to complete, the explorer will in the end release with testnet at same time.

2. The details of Lambda Chain block award have been confirmed and developed completely, it is currently being test

Lambda’s consensus network consists of nearly a thousand validators, they are origin from miners upgrade and mortgage of LAMB. The node which selected to participate in the consensus network during an outblock cycle is rewarded.

3. The algorithm of Lambda Chain VRF has finished development

The VRF algorithm has finished development and slightly adjusted according to different scenarios. It was for the selection of consensus nodes of a single outblock cycle and the PDP proof.

  1. Progress with Exchanges

On November 27th, The voting result of Huobi Next phaseⅡcompetition came out, Lambda have won the voting by scoring 3 million votes and ranking No.1! LAMB will be listed on Huobi Next in the near future. Click here to track

2. The opening online technology courses

The 8BTC accelerator held the third session of “Geekhub Global Online” technology open course, with the theme “distributed storage, digital cornerstone”. Lambda’s co-founder Haiqiang Gao was invited to share his topic of “Are the files on your “chain” really saved?”.

3. Press release

A number of domestic & overseas famous medias published the news of Lambda’s first ever blockchain open source algorithm “PoST”. Click here to track.

4. The Bounty0X interview

Bounty0X, a well-known foreign blockchain platform, interviewed co-founder of Lambda Lucy Wang. She stated Lambda’s vision,development and current updates etc. in the interview, click here to listen.

5. The “Somebody Talk”interview

Xingjian Website, an IPFS Chinese media, interviewed founder of Lambda Xiaoyang He on December 5th, He revealed the real side of Lambda to audiences.

6. Lambda was featured on the 2rd edition of Block magazine

Lambda was featured in “What’s going on in ASIA” of Blockjournal’s e-magazine. Ps: Only our community friends can get the free copy of it so please pm our customer service if you want to have a look.

  1. Wechat group sharing

On December 6th , Lambda’s founder Xiaoyang He guested in IPFS Pioneer Talk. From the technical perspective of Lambda, he explained to people who want to know about IPFS that apart from Filecoin, what else can blockchain storage rely on.

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