Lambda Bi-Weekly Report XXVI

Dear Lambda Supporters:

We at Lambda aim to build a disruptive blockchain based storage solution that provides unlimited storage capabilities and a marketplace on top of the blockchain, what motivates us the most is your trust and support. The following are our progress in these two weeks.

Technology & Development Progress

1. R &D

Supporting multiple machines for individual miner’s address has been tested. It will be released in next version.

2. Set up testing clusters

The performance test was conducted for single transaction. At present, problems have been found including account exception, voting block exception and memory leak. The account exception and voting block exception have been fixed, and the memory leak exception will be mainly solved in the future.

3. Redesign the trading marketplace

Previously, marketplace was mainly conducted in the virtual machine, but there were many unreasonable designs. So, the technical scheme has basically developed and has transferred to the testing stage.

4. Improve user experience on browser

Added search function, and it has been released online.

5. Redesign the scheme of infrastructure management

A new solution has been fixing the status of existing Hash inconsistencies. It will be released in the next version.

Marketing & Promotion Progress

1. Airdrop

To celebrate $LAMB listing on OKEx, Lambda was giveaway 600 LAMB rewards for 3 random users! There were over 300 people to join the event.

2. On 14thJune, the capacity of Lambda data storage has exceeded 210 PB

Lambda embrace another milestone.

3. Lambda China trip

On June 14, within the growth of Lambda community, Lambda team launch “Lambda China Trip meetup”.

4. On June 14, the first stop of Lambda China trip- Guangzhou

Lambda China trip will host the first storage miner’s meetup in Guangzhou, which Lambda founder He Xiaoyang will introduce Lambda ecosystem to validators and miners.

Community Progress

1.Broadcast Live on Mars Media

Wu Guanli, global general manager of BHEX, and He Xiaoyang, founder of Lambda has invited to “Mars Show” and discuss “the prospect of blockchain data storage technology”.

2. LCAC meeting

At the meeting, Lambda founder Xiaoyang He explained and Shared with us the date and detailed earning of opening next phase of pledge, the plan of mainnet and community support.

3. On June 11, Lambda joined LianKe Q&A community

Lambda joined a major tech community in China.

Cooperation & Business Progress

1、Lambda listed on OKEx

On June 4, Lambda listed on OKEx, which opened trading pairs on LAMB/USDT and LAMB/USDK.

2. On June 4, Lambda listed on

LAMB, as the first Startup non-starter project, completed the over subscribes.

3. On June 7, Lambda listed on Bittrex, the largest U.S. exchange

Official links:

🔹Official website:
🔹White Paper:

Join us on

🇬🇧English: @hellolambda
🇨🇳Chinese: @lambdachina
🇰🇷Korean1: @LambdaKoreanOfficial




Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. A disruptor in blockchain-base storage solution.

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Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. A disruptor in blockchain-base storage solution.

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