Lambda Bi-Weekly Report XIV

Dear Lambda Supporters:

We at Lambda aim to build a disruptive Blockchain based Storage Solution that provides unlimited Storage capabilities and a marketplace on top of blockchain. What motivates us the most is your trust and support from the community.

The following is our progress in last two weeks :

Technology & Development Progress

1. Lambda Chain contract virtual machine project design and development

The virtual machine project adopted by Lambda Chain mainly refers to the Ethereum one, and the Lambda Chain’s storage transaction & storage matching market are mainly realized through virtual machine contracts. The development of the project mainly includes the contract virtual machine’s interface call and parameter coding, they are under proceeding currently.

2.The smart contract design of Lambda Chain’s storage transaction & storage matching market

Lambda Chain storage transaction market and storage matching market are mainly realized through smart contracts. The matching rules for storing orders are relatively simple in the early stage, which are mainly based on miners and storage users’ quotation. More matching rules will be added later on .

3. Refactor of Lambda Chain’s project PDP code

To better maintain the project, we’ve refactored the PDP-related code and standardized the use of the project logger.

Community Progress

1. Number of people of Telegram community in real-time

International community:47992

Chinese community:14062

2. Lambda miners community was officially established on December 16th. The news brought a sensation in storage miners’ circle.

3. On December 17th, Lambda CEO XiaoYang He and CMO Lucy held their first online LIVE sharing in miners community.

Mr. He stressed that the miners community will be the most important step in Lambda ecosystem’s future development strategy — we take miners’ consensus as priority. Lambda team welcome those miners who are waiting for Filecoin to actively participate in our community activities in the future .

Marketing & Promotion Progress

1. Lambda & 8BTC school travel at Shanghai JiaoTong University station

On December 13th, Lambda was invited to participate in one blockchain event held by 8BTC at Shanghai JiaoTong University. Lambda’s co-founder & chief architect MoNan Li brought a wonderful sharing on the theme of “how to use blockchain technology to build a storage network” and had an in-depth discussion with students. He stressed that the decentralized storage of data is the essential to the implementation of Internet applications, and the core of decentralized storage is the proof of data integrity. Taking Lambda as an example, MoNan Li explained to the students the example of the PDP scheme based on BLS signature, the problems faced by the PDP scheme and its solutions. Click here to review

2. The full video of Lambda &’s meetup in Shanghai is out

In the video, Dr. Cao, CEO and founder of BitMax, gave a speech and interacted with AMA fans on the spot. Lambda’s co-founder & CMO Lucy Wang showed up, COVA, TTC and other project parties with media were also included in the footage . Click here to watch the video

3. Publishment

a. Mining is an integral part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology narrative. However, the process of discovering, validating, and adding new blocks (mining) to the chain has the potential to do more than increasing the money supply of a particular cryptocurrency. On December 17th , Lambda published“Blockchain Mining Benefits Beyond The Cryptocurrency Spectrum”on Medium. Click here to review

b. At the beginning of December, Data breach of Marriott hotel once again brought the question of personal data security: who should owe the data, those “centralized” giants or us? And how can we better protect our data security? Regarding to this Marriott topic Lambda published “Goodbye Data Breach, Blockchain Technology Will See You Off” on Medium on December 18th. Click here to review

4. Press release

Overseas famous blockchain media bitcoinexchangeguide、ethereumworldnews published Lambda’s article about the Marriott data breach issue. click A, B to review

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Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. A disruptor in blockchain-base storage solution.

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Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. A disruptor in blockchain-base storage solution.

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