About Upbit temporarily delist LAMB trading

Since June 11, when Upbit issued an announcement about asset tagging and warnings for dozens of cryptocurrency assets, the Lambda team has been actively communicating with Upbit Korea and providing relevant information to explain the situation. In our email, we detailed our roadmap, commercial and business progress over the past six months, and measures to address Korean and global regulation.

LAMB has always had a good reputation and market presence in Upbit and the Korean market, and continues to explore technology and commerce in mining, DeFi and NFT in 2021.
However, due to Korean government policies and because Lambda has no users related to Korean companies in Korea, Upbit, a digital currency exchange for Korean Won trading, has temporarily delisted LAMB.

The Lambda team deeply regrets this. We are still in the process of actively engaging and communicating with the Upbit team and actively exploring the possibility of re-listing, which means we will be actively expanding our business and user base in Korea.
At the same time, Lambda’s storage business and related technical development cooperation in the Korean market are steadily being promoted.

We hope that the community users will actively follow the announcements of the relevant exchanges, and we apologize for any negative impact caused to the community users due to various related issues recently.

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